The work on Catching A Miracle has been a unique undertaking that has spanned three years. From the beginning it has been a slow but steady trail with my ever-talented wife Susan, an avid reader who assisted in the reader experience department. Susan’s help in advising as to what works and what to edit out was critical to this story.

Finally, the reason for this story, my loving sister Kristen and my mentor Joe Carney, both of whom succumbed to cancer in 1985. Kristen was a nurse who specialized in treating children with brain damage. Her “kids,” as she called them, were her life and she is buried next to many of them in Orlando.

Joe Carney was the man who would tell an eighteen-year-old high school drop-out that what I had to do was go out and be everything people said I could never be, successful.

Kristen and Joe have been the driving force that makes us wonder when we hear, “There’s nothing more we can do.” Will you accept that, or simply stand with us and say, “I bet you are wrong.”?

To me, Catching a Miracle is more than a book, it is a blueprint to another way.



Throughout the project and for seventeen years before, Candice Davis proved her talent in copyright, legal and all the elements it takes to get this project completed. Without her at my side, I would never be as successful as I am today with all of my companies.

Thanks also go out to:
Cindy Huckabee for being the eagle eye who keeps me on the straight path of doing things the way they have to be.

Alton Gansky, who took time away from being a professor to help me with the entire Catching a Miracle trilogy. His talents enable us to provide this story and trilogy.

David Gentilella of DIGITTO Media for leading the way in getting this book from manuscript to the book you see now.



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