Must Read Inspirational Books of All Time

There are some books that make you feel good, there are some books that grip you and have you turning page after page in fervor, and then there are some that profoundly impact upon you and change your outlook on life. Reading in and of itself is one of the single most important things we can do for ourselves on the quest for improvement and knowledge, but some books leap out from the library more than others when it comes to considering which have the most direct impact on your life. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of what we believe to be the best must-read inspirational books of all time.

The Art Of War – Sun Tzu

Ask any CEO or entrepreneur which books are at the top of their recommended reading list, and this title will be within the top 10 every single time. The philosophy and guidance contained within can be of great comfort in times of hardship and for those inclined to treat business and work as a battlefield, the sage advice can help you build your brand and corporate identity. It may seem a little cut-throat at times and it’s certainly not a book to be read in one innings but keeping it close by for when things get tough would be a great idea.

The Four Agreements – Miguel Ruiz

Standing at almost the polar opposite end of the spectrum to The Art Of War, The Four Agreements is still essential to any must-read inspirational books of all time list. Whereas both books focus on belief in oneself and how to be a little selfish with one’s time and appreciation of oneself, one comes from a place of diligence and grit, whereas the other is a little more meditative. The Four Agreements is like a bubble bath for the mind, it’s cleansing and utterly inspiring.

Catching A Miracle – Mark Spinicelli

The first fiction book on our must-read inspirational books of all time list, Catching A Miracle tells the thrilling and engaging story of a doctor literally fighting for her life and those of the human race as a whole as she goes up against all the odds to find the cure for cancer. Overcoming physical, political and spiritual hurdles at every step of the journey this book is one that deftly displays the power of determination.

Waking Up: A Guide To Spirituality Without Religion – Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a respected and accomplished scientist who prides himself on his intellectualism. In this book, he carefully outlines his meditative technique and the reasons that contemplative mental hygiene is not something reserved for Buddhists and monks. The book goes into the practices of all the major religions and how each form of meditation came about and precisely why it is something that should not be ignored by those outsides of organized religion. Through meditation and mindfulness he has achieved so much more and his brain functions much better than before and he wants to share those “secrets” with the entire world.

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