Uplifting Novels to Read

Need a Lift?

We all have those times where it just seems that life is throwing everything at you. You’re stressed, nothing seems to be going well, and you just need some inspiration. One of the best ways to feel better and get a bit of a boost is by taking a look at some uplifting novels to read. Reading, in general, immerses you into a different world. Uplifting novels, however, provide a bit more inspiration. They serve as a reminder that no matter where you are in life or how bad things are going, there is good in the world. It’s possible to overcome hardships. And even if life is going well, it’s still nice to read a feel-good book! Here are several uplifting novels to pick up when you want that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Catching a Miracle, Mark J. Spinicelli

Dr Shelly White overcame cancer as a child and today strive to find a cure for the disease. Despite various obstacles, she does everything she can to find a cure (even if that means tracking down a missing scientist). A truly inspirational book, Catching a Miracle is a powerful tale that shows what humans are capable of when fighting for something they believe in.

Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

Despite his failed attempt at climbing Mount K2, Three Cups of Tea follows Greg Mortenson’s story as he ultimately changes the world. He built over 60 schools for areas where children weren’t receiving a proper education (Pakistan and Afghanistan, namely). He started this journey with a single school and expanded from there, ultimately helping improve the quality of life for countless communities.

Beach House for Rent, Mary Alice Monroe

Two women, one the owner of a beach house and one the tenant, have two completely different stories. One is quite shy while the other is in control of her life and feels confident. Throughout the duration of the summer, however, they both undergo changes and discover more about themselves than they thought possible. This story is one of change and self-discovery.

The Humans, Matt Haig

Human is a story about aliens, math equations, a dog, and much more. Most importantly, it is about the importance of emotions and relationships as the main character learns about how wonderful it is to experience love and family (as well as friendship). It takes an outsider’s look on the way humans interact and puts the “big picture” into perspective.

Uplifting: One Page at a Time

Don’t hesitate – the time to pick up one of these uplifting novels to read has arrived! These feel-good tales are sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and it’s always nice to finish a book and feel some motivation. These books will teach you to love those around you, change the world, and be the best version of yourself possible. Whether you’re in need of a happy book or just like to read uplifting novels, these are all great choices.

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